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RFE Hosting Plans and Packages 2016
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 10 March 2016 10:26 AM

We at RFE Hosting are constantly improving our services and packages. 

Below is a full list of all the hosting plans we offer: Managed Shared Plan Pricing    RFE StarterRFE AdvancedRFE Pro
Per Month

Per Month

Per Month
Disk Space 5GB 10GB 50GB
Bandwidth 100GB 500GB 1000GB
FTP Accounts 5 15 Unlimited
Email Accounts 10 20 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 5 15 Unlimited
Sub-Domains 4 10 Unlimited
Addon Domains 1 5 Unlimited
Domains 1 5 Unlimited

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RFE Shared Hosting Network outage - 1/10/2015
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 12 January 2016 04:07 PM

On Sunday at about 7am Mountain time our datacenter reported that many of our servers had started to receive DDOS attacks. Since then we have had all hands on deck to monitor and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

We decided to try to wait it out as most DDOS attacks will go away over time. Sadly that was not the case with ours. As soon as network service was restored to our servers the attack started up again.

Monday morning we then started working on a new solution to combat it. We

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RFE Hosting Monthly Giveaways
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 04 November 2015 01:19 PM

The RFE Hosting team will be giving some cool gadgets every month for the next few months.

Stay Tuned for more info on when it starts and how to enter.
(Edit) Here is the link for our first giveaway –

Also, make sure to let your friends/family know so they can enter as well.

We look forward to some new things coming up over the next few months and some amazing stuff over the new year!
RFE gadgets

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Recent Network Issues - 08-05-2015
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 05 August 2015 09:05 AM

We do sincerely apologize for these service interruptions. We understand the importance of uptime to all of our clients and at this point we are failing to meet that due to our provider. While these words may not hold much weight now, we stand behind our brand and the quality of our product. We will not allow this to stand and we will NOT allow this to become normal. I promise you that.

We have a large network so change is not fast nor easy, however we have been evaluating alternatives

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Google Apps
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 03 March 2015 03:22 PM
What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters.

Millions of organizations around the world count on Google Apps for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing and more.

Watch a video or find out more here.

Here are some highlights:

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New Ticket/Support System
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 19 February 2015 12:39 PM

RFE Hosting

Welcome RFE Hosting Clients!

As you may have noticed, we have moved over to a new ticket support system. This will allow us to get replies to you faster, and allow us to be more organized.

Please feel free to comment on our new system and let us know of any changes or additions we should add to better serve you.

Thank you for using RFE Hosting, and for your support!

Aaron Eaton - Tech Ops
RFE Hosting - reliable friendly experienced

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