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RFE Shared Hosting Network outage - 1/10/2015
Posted by Aaron Eaton on 12 January 2016 04:07 PM

On Sunday at about 7am Mountain time our datacenter reported that many of our servers had started to receive DDOS attacks. Since then we have had all hands on deck to monitor and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

We decided to try to wait it out as most DDOS attacks will go away over time. Sadly that was not the case with ours. As soon as network service was restored to our servers the attack started up again.

Monday morning we then started working on a new solution to combat it. We then worked around the clock to create a system to combat this attack later to find out that the new system was then only bypassed.

Tuesday we then pulled in more support from our providers abuse dept and have had the top of the food chain working around the clock to help resolve the issue.

Currently we are testing this new system to make sure that it is infact going to work and not be another idea from the whiteboard to get erased.


We wanted to thank all those clients that have had the patience to stay with us through all of this. We are amazed and the continued support and positive words throughout the past few days and are happy to say that we have the best clients out there!

We will continue to post further updates on our facebook page -

Aaron Eaton

Tech Ops